Right now, our future hangs on winning the critical runoff elections in Georgia. In order for the Biden administration to make meaningful changes and implement their policies on pandemic relief, climate change, health care, racial justice, immigration reform, economic equity and so much more, they need a Senate majority. 


The Pen and Ink Brigade is having a









fundraising art sale to help flip the senate! 


This art sale starts November 27th, 9:00 AM EST

and ends November 29th, 9:00 PM EST.


visit the Pen and Ink Brigade Instagram to see the show


All funds go directly to support the two Democratic candidates for Senate, Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff as well as

Stacey Abrams's group FAIR FIGHT ACTION.


Board Members who made this event possible:

Carin Berger

Kristen Balouch

Melissa Iwai

Catherine Lazure



Thank yOu

to the Participating Artists:

Elizabeth Albert

Selina Alko

Sally Apfelbaum

Jessixa Bagley

Kristen Balouch

Beth Barnett

Melinda Beck

Jenny Belin

Julia Ben-Asher

Anne Bentley

Carin Berger

Ana Bianchi

Sophie Blackall

Marty Blake

Juliette Borda

Lisa Brown

Johanna Carlisle

Victoria Chabon

Catia Chien

Barbara Choitner

Marie Coons

Amelia Costigan

Lisa Cupery

Andrea D'Aquino

Andrea Dezso

Liza Donovan

Susan Farrington

Yvetta Fedorova

Vivienne Flesher

Julie Fortenberry

Jayne Fountain

Deborah Freedman

Carolyn Gavin

Sara Gillingham

Elizabeth Gomez

Gretchen Grace

Barbara Gray

Amanda Guest

Jody Guralnick

 Julie Hampton

Colleen Harrington

Jessie Hartland

Gabrielle Heckenbucker

Bri Hermanson

Beth Hess

Isis Hockenos

Rebecca Hoenig

Peregrine Honig

Allyn Howard

Melissa Iwai

Abby Jac

Gayle Kabaker

Aya Kakeda

Terri Fry Kasuba

Suzanne Kaufman

Courtney Keller

Lisa Kelsey

Shelley Kommers

Trisha Krauss

Nina Laden

Catherine Lazure

Carrie Leeb

Elly MacKay

Dona Ann McAdams

Karen McCarthy

Julie Murphy

Sharon Nullmeyer

Kathy Osborn

Susan Farrington Owen

Stephanie Peugh

LeUyen Pham

Susy Pilgrim Waters

Deb Pilutti

Giselle Potter

Anna Raff

Melanie Reim

Marie Roberts

Victoria Roberts

Hannah Bess Ross 

Ursula Roma

Julia Rothman

Amy Routman

Karen Ruelle

Jane Sanders

Mariana Schwartz

Susy Siddens

Esther Smith

Madeline Sorel

Deborah Stein

Sasha Stim-Fogel

Vivienne Strauss

Melissa Sweet 

Laura Tarrish

Netsanet Tesfay

Jennifer Thermes

Blair Thornley

Lili Todd

Sara Varon

Emily Waters

Ellen Weinstein

Jennifer Williams

August Wren

*While we intentionally highlight women,

we invite gender marginalized, trans, and non-binary artists

to work with us in community.