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The Pen + Ink Brigade has created The Sunflower Project in response to Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Our goal is to raise awareness and money for the International Rescue Committee, a preeminent organization created at the suggestion of Albert Einstein. It was initially created to rescue people fleeing Nazi regimes in Europe. It has since expanded to serve refugee needs around the world and is one of the best-rated charities to donate to. The International Rescue Committee provides effective and efficient humanitarian aid to millions of families caught in crisis, helping people survive, recover, and rebuild. 87% of every dollar goes directly to people who need help. The International Rescue Committee supports refugees in Ukraine and in more than 40 other countries in the world and 20 U.S. cities. Right now they are providing food, medical care, and emergency support to Ukrainian refugees...over a million of whom have fled the violence in the past week. We hope you will contribute by spreading the word and/or donating.



These times feel overwhelming and it can be unclear how to help, but collectively we have the capacity to raise significant awareness and resources. Ukraine is front of mind and in all of our hearts. At the same time there are refugee crises around the world such as Afghanistan, Palestine, South and Central America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Syria, and the list goes on. This is another reason that we’ve selected the International Rescue Committee – their commitment to helping refugees globally. 


We have found a donor who has committed to match the funds raised, up to $5000, and we are hoping to find more people to make matching pledges. We have raised close to $1000 in the first ten hours of the project. Note, 100% of funds raised go to the International Rescue Committee.


The crisis in Ukraine highlights the fragility of democracy. Our congressional midterm elections are just around the corner and free and fair elections are on the line. We will be raising funds to help protect the vote. Keep an eye out for our next upcoming Pen + Ink Brigade fundraising art auction.


We appreciate your collaboration!


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